Day 2

Jan Arnold – fashion love from the streets of NYC

I love New York during Fashion Week, everyone is talking fashion!

Rag & Bone – always a Vogue favorite!

I made a mad dash back to the hotel for a quick run and a smooth transition into flats…and then zoomed over to Soho for the Rag & Bone show. Country fox hunts and treks through the woods demand cashmere legwarmers, wool check waistcoats, Penrose kilts, cotton storm pants…chunky, layered and reminiscent of times past […]

Jason Wu – nothing like it!

Jason Wu is a young, talented super star of fashion. He designs for Michele Obama and celebs galore and had many A-listers in his front row! When we met with him to determine the look this season, he had a clear vision and it had to do with [insert drum roll here]….his sofa!

Ruffian- Got Kandinsky??

Woke up feeling great! Surprisingly enough, I actually got some solid Zzzss during Fashion Week and was ready for a big day! First up, one of my favorite designers – Ruffian! Claude and Brian are fashion historians and have one of the most comprehensive collections of fashion books and magazines that date back to Vogues […]