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Q&A #3 Is Shellac safe for pregnant women?

Q: Are the Shellac products and its ultra violet lights safe for pregnant women? A: Shellac products have shown no problems with pregnancy. UV light exposure during a Shellac application is approximately the same amount of UV exposure as walking from you house to your car. Of course we suggest you have your client’s consult […]

Shellac Step-by-Step

Have some questions? Need some answers? Click here for Shellac Step-by-Steps.

Herve Leger- Va Va Voom!

Known for the skintight bandage dress, Herve Lerger is legendary for dressing the fittest of Hollywood.  This season was a break-away collection that veered from the straight column silhouette by pairing kicky ruffled bustle skirts and Marie Antoinette-inspired floor length organza ball skirts with form fitting, sleek sculpted tops in sugar-coated pale shades of peach, […]

Q&A #2 Why are a few of my Shellac clients peeling?

Top Question #2 Q: Why is Shellac peeling on some of my clients? A: Proper Preparation, Application, Curing, Home Maintenance 1. Preparation The first step is to make sure you are doing proper P.E.P. P.E.P. includes P-erform Mini Manicure = Removing the Cuticle off the nail plate E-liminate Surface Contaminants = ScrubFresh P-Purify Nail Plate […]

Shellac Layering

CRAVING MORE COLORS? Did you know that you can create great color combinations by LAYERING Shellac? Here are some of our favorites! Click on the link below!

Q&A #1 How do I get my Salon on the Shellac Referral Database?

Great News!!! Due to popular demand we are adding an International feature that will allow us to include international requests going forward. Q. How do I get my salon on the Shellac referral database? A. Choose from the following 2 options. Post your information directly to the database referral at Shellac Salon Registry. Call: 1-800-833-NAIL(6245)

Everyone WANTS Shellac

The word is out on the street. Everyone WANTS Shellac the way they want a limited edition Birkin bag. You know, clawing, begging, pleading, howling at the moon, chewing the bark off trees. The women of America are obsessed with this new product, thanks to fantastic initial media and PR, and we like that. So, availability […]


You might not think that I still get excited about jumping on a plane..but I do..and I am as I board the big silver bird for Orlando, Florida…not because I’m huge Disney fan…or because I love stepping into the sweaty steam-bath of Florida heat in June!…but finally, the official launch of Shellac is here and […]

Shellac Launch

Today is a huge day in OZ…we are officially launching Shellac and have 4 separate presentations to deliver before the day ends! 12:00 – 4:00 The first two sessions are with the top and most important beauty editors from both trade and consumer magazines!  We also have a total of 15 Education Ambassadors with us […]

Heading to Sydney

…it’s time to leave Auckland…I’m going to miss this place, especially my good friends at Creative New Zealand:   Aimee and team!  TJ and I pack things up and head to the airport…it’s crazy how the luggage seems to have expanded since arriving. Must have something to do with the universe expanding. Note to self: call […]