CND Shellac

Fall / Winter 2013 Fashion Week: The Blonds

Read how CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold describes the inspiration behind the fabulous horror-inspired nail designs seen at The Blonds New York Fashion Week runway show

Fall / Winter Fashion Week: Michael van der Ham

CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold describes the inspiration behind the distressed, metal-inspired nail looks created specially for the Michael van der Ham show at London Fashion Fashion Week

Safety First: 10 Facts about CND Shellac UV Nail Lamps

CND Shellac, one of the most common questions is about the health risks associated with the use of UV lamps. To clear up confusion, here are 10 facts about UV lamps from several experts: According to Dr. Robert M. Sayre, Ph.D., of Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories one of the creators of the SPF rating system: […]

CND Shellac – good to the last drop

Shellac is a Power Polish that has changed the natural nail industry. Clients ask for it by name, and we know that we can rely on it to give an amazing 14 day wear with proper home care. There are classes available around the world to perfect application technique and even add some artistic elements. […]

Shellac featured in Oprah Magazine!

“Shellac” featured Oprah Magazine!!! Click here to enlarge.

Become a CND Education Ambassador

If you have an enthusiasm for knowledge, and love for inspiring others and are: PASSIONATE POLISHED PRINCIPLED PROFESSIONAL BOLD We’re looking for you! CND EDUCATION AMBASSADOR We are now recruiting Education Ambassadors in the following areas of North America: Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, […]

New – CND in Minutes – Shellac Demos!

Check it out! On-Line Video Spotlights Shellac in Minutes – Solid Color Application & Removal Basic Shellac application and removal steps using a solid opaque color. Shellac in Minutes – French Application & Removal Shellac application and removal steps for a French Manicure. Shellac in Minutes – Layering Get creative and layer Shellac to create […]

2010 Learning Leadership Conference

We’re headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend three days with the best and brightest of Cosmetology school owners, managers and Instructors at the 2010 CND Learning Leadership Conference. The schools attending set the bar high, as they invest in top quality tools, techniques and technology.  At the top are names like LeJames, Federico, Cameo and […]

Q&A #5 Why are there white spots on the natural nail?

Q: Why am I seeing white spots on the nails after removal of Shellac? A: White spots on the nail after removal of Shellac is typically due to slight dehydration of the nails. Tips & Tricks: Clients should be using Solar Oil daily and repeatedly. This will help moisturize their natural nails and keep their […]

Q&A #4 Why do I need to shake the Shellac bottles?

Shellac color coat, topcoat and base coat must be shaken for 30 seconds prior to each use. Q. Why do I need to shake the Shellac bottles? A. When Shellac is not in use, the solvents rise to the top of the bottle. Solvents are the reason Shellac stays thin inside the bottle. If the […]